Work the core in the off season

About a month ago, I started running with Spalding University Cross Country and Track team located in Louisville, KY.  Although running is my strongest of the three disciplines, I thought I should even make it better and run with runners.  However, I realized I needed more than just running with runners.  I needed to hit the gym with runners.


The assistant coach, Bradley not only joins in on the morning runs written by the head coach, Kevin, but he prescribes the strength and conditioning workouts following the runs.  None of them require much more than your body, a medicine ball, and a swiss ball.  However, I’ve noticed my hips being a little sore the day following these routines.  I know that I’ve neglected doing this stuff for a long time and think that maybe this stuff may be the key to bring my running to the next level.

I decided to record the workouts and make them available to you so that you can become a stronger runner/triathlete and prevent injury.  Bare with me as I learn the ins and outs of this video making… hope you enjoy it.