Revamping the plan, again!

This year has been rather frustrating when it comes to finding races that stick to what they promise.  I have revamped my schedule over and over again trying to get things to work.  The struggle started after Challenge Family cut the pro prize money for the majority of their North American races.  I was in the middle of a big build for Challenge AC when I got the email about the cancellation of the prize money.  I was really bummed because my improvement from 2014 has been pretty good for the Iron distance racing.  I didn’t want that fitness to go to waste, but at that point, I really didn’t feel like flying out west to do either IMCDA or Ironman Whistler… too much travel expenses.  So I settled on just doing mostly smaller races for the remaining part of the season that fit into my work and on-call schedule that was planned around all the Challenge Family races I was originally going to do.

I found about a full distance triathlon in Grand Rapids, MI that had a small amount of prize money (Titanium man).  Since my parents live fairly close to Grand Rapids, and I knew a few people in that area, I knew the travel expenses would be at a minimum and could most likely win the race.

The race was unfortunately cancelled to a small amount of lightening just shortly before I arrived at T2.  And even with a 14 minute lead at T2, the race company decided not to pay me for the win.  I was mostly likely going to run just under a 3 hour marathon, meaning that the 2nd place guy would need to run a 2:40-2:45 marathon to beat me.  (The prize money was donated to chartiy instead of paying how we finished the race at the cancellation) So I basically threw away a good amount of money for nothing… not to mention the 5500 calories of energy I expended during the bike and swim!

However, with a possible finish time of Michigan Titanium Full distance Triathlon at a 8:20, I now believe I have shot at getting to Kona as professional.  Honestly, when I first started racing as a professional, I never thought I would say that.  So, with the limited number of races available each calendar year to get to Kona as professional, I needed to try to start accumulating points as soon as possible.  So where do I race for the rest of 2015?


Chattanooga is the first North American race with KPR for 2016 this year since IM Wisconsin no longer has a pro field.  So, I am again revamping my training schedule to get a full distance triathlon in for the year.  After planning to do Challenge AC and Cedar Point, then changing to Michigan Titanium, and finally set my sights on Chattanooga.

Not only am I gearing up to race Chattanooga… I’ve already set it as a goal to win.  Last year, Matt Hanson (8:12) and Daniel Bretshcer (8:19) were first and second.  They will be in Kona gearing up for 2014 World Championship.  I’m assuming that Trevor Wuretel will be there racing.  Last year he finished in a 8:22.  So, based on those times, I believe that I could be in the mix for a possible win.  My mind is already set on it… and that is a powerful thing!