Pure Fit Body Transformation Challenge

I started going to Pure Fit around the middle of November, and have seen some tremendous results in my strength, core stability, and over all fitness.  I really look forward to the workouts… and now there is even more incentive to work hard:  The Body Transformation Challenge.

It is an 8-week contest to see how much body fat percentage a person/team can loose.  There is about $1500 on the table, with additional incentives as well.  This contest is very simple:

1.  Make a team of four people – they can be members or non-members

2.  Initial body fat testing – this is the last week to get involved on the contest.  Depending on whether you’re a girl or guy, they use an ultrasound machine in 3 to 4 parts of your body to measure your body fat percentage.  They also check your weight, waist line and hip circumference.

3.  Come to classes for 8 weeks – people have access to Pure Fit’s boot camp classes and have access to some information about how diet plays a role in loosing body fat percentage

4.  Remeasure body fat at the end of the contest – each percent body fat lost isn’t equal.  For easy math sake, if someone goes from 10% to 9%, that is a 10% total drop, or 10 “points.”  If someone goes from 20% to 19% that is a 5% drop in total body fat loss, or 5 “points.”  The team with the most points at the end wins money to be divided evenly.  Also the person with the most points gets money as well.

This is is a great thing that Pure Fit is doing that really looks at the whole picture of health.  Too many people are too stuck on weight as their number.  Weight itself doesn’t say whether or not you’re healthy or not.  For example, when I started swimming my junior year of high school, I went from 145 lbs to 165 lbs in 3 or 4 months of swimming.  That’s a 20 pound weight gain in a short amount of time, but I believe I was much healthier after swimming.  I also put on another 10 lbs my senior year of swimming.  So if you put on weight, it isn’t always a bad thing… muscle weighs more than fat and burns a ton more calories per day.

Again, this is the last week to get started on the contest.  So if you think you’re interested, get yourself to Pure Fit and accept the challenge!