Progressive Endurance Helps Tri4Okipe

A couple weeks ago, a old high school friend of mine, Daniel Roberts, contacted me about helping him and another friend of his, Randy Lash, train for their first triathlon.  I knew that both of these guys were dedicated athletes and were willing to put in the work.  So I jumped at the opportunity.

The opportunity to volunteer my time to help raise money for an orphanage, Okipe.

Randy’s dad gave the Daniel and Randy a challenge.  Place at least in the top 10 at the Cane Creek Sprint Triathlon and he will donate a specific amount of money depending on where they place within the top 10.  They both took Randy’s dad up on the challenge and have set their goals high to raise as much money as possible for the orphanage.

They have a facebook page to give people updates on their training, the orphanage, and various other things as well.  Be sure to “like” the page and spread the word about this endeavor.

You can also donate to the cause by clicking here.