Multisport 101 at the Avenue and Cardinal Towne

Aside from giving speeches in high school, this was the first time I’ve done any public speaking.  However, one thing that I learned from that class about 7 or 8 years ago was not to get too hung up on having a super prepared speech.  I found that as long as I had bullet points lined up in a logical order, the filler would come naturally and I would just find ways to naturally progress to my next point or topic.

The main idea behind this speech was to talk to people that are thinking about doing a triathlon for the first time, or are very new to the sport.  I got the idea to do this after getting involved with Sweaty Sheep, a faith-based endurance group focused on reaching endurance athletes for Christ, that a friend of mine, Ryan Althaus, started a couple years ago.  We had a vision of guiding new people into the sport along with starting to do some classes at Cardinal Towne of U of L campus.  So to promote the classes and other things in the community we decided to try to put on a Multisport Seminar.  With a little bit of marketing through word of mouth, flyers on U of L and Bellarmine’s campus, and a facebook event, we were able to get about 90 people to show up for the event.

I covered the basic topics of a triathlon: why to do one, equipment needed, optional equipment, how to find a race, and what a race looks like, basic rules of a race, and I had some local businesses talk about what they can offer the triathlon community.

I also was able to give out over $1200 in products, food, and services thanks to some of my sponsors and other local businesses/clubs:  Infinit Nutrition, Swiftwick Socks, Pure Fit, Sweaty Sheep, Ken Combs Running, Fleet Feet, U of L Triathlon, Barry’s Coaching, Maverick Multisport, and Occupational Kinetics.

Thanks to everyone that came out.  It was a huge success.  If you have any more ideas for seminars in the future, I would like to do more of these… maybe once a quarter or so.  Post some ideas to the post or to my facebook page.  Just click the floating box at the side for the hyperlink.