Infinit Napalm Review

A few days ago, I had a phone consultation with Infinit Nutrition and worked out a formula that was tailored to my specific race distances and the need my body has while racing.   From the basic Go Far formula, we increased the amount of sodium and protein in it since I’m a heavy sweater and tend to race long.  I also discovered that Infinit makes their version of an energy gel called NAPALM toward the end of the 2012 season.  I sampled some at a race expo and like that it was actually a liquid, easy to swallow, and not overly sweet.  I asked them to throw in a package of the highly caffeinated version of NAPALM.

The phone consultation was on Thursday… the stuff showed up at my door on Saturday!  I was happy to see that they even threw in a couple bottles.  One for the custom blend they made for me and a flask for the NAPALM. (NAPALM is much more economical than buying gels.  Each 100 calorie serving is about $0.85, and with all the electrolytes, it will more than likely reduce and/or remove the need for electrolyte tablets.)

With my first race only a little over a month away (70.3 Panama – Latin American 70.3 Championship), I wanted to give this new product a solid trial run.  I mixed up 3 bottles of Infinit and 4 ounces of NAPALM highly caffeniated formula.  I had never mixed up NAPALM before and was little shocked when it said to fill the flask up to the rim and add equal water and shake it.  I was thinking, there is no way that water can dissolve that much solute… but gave it a try anyway.  I only put 4 ounce of NAPALM in the flask (it holds 6 ounces) which is equivalent to 200 calories (see end of post for more nutritional content).  I added water until it covered the NAPALM, put the lid on and gave it a good shake.  In about 5 seconds it was completely dissolved.  I took a small sip to see what it tasted like:  a subtle sweet fruity taste and some saltiness mixed in there as well.  It was completely liquid… not a paste or gel consistency, so it went down super easy.  I gathered my nutrition and headed to my basement for a nice 3 hour spin session.  This the workout that I did:

Warm up:
15 minutes easy riding at 56-75% FTP

Main Set:
2 x 20 minutes at 90-95% FTP with 10 minutes recovery
30 minutes of tempo 80-85% FTP with a 10 second burst of sprinting on  every 1:30
3 x 5 minutes at 110% of FTP  with 5 minutes of easy riding between each
3 x 5 minutes hill climbing at 60-70 rpm (Z3 effort) with 5 minutes rest between

Cool down:
15 minutes easy spinning

The Carnage after the 3 hour training session in my training shrine in my basement. Thanks to Chris Shannon for doing the entire workout with me!

This was one of the hardest 3 hour spin sessions I’ve done before, but in order to see how my custom mix and NAPALM would do for me on race day, I wanted to push the limits.  I went through 2 bottles of Infinit and all 4 ounces of NAPALM and a couple bottles of water.  I took the NAPALM at the one hour mark, the 1:45 mark and the 2:20 mark.  Not once during the ride did I feel hungry, feel that my electrolytes were depleting, or a lack of energy.  I could feel the caffeine in the NAPALM hit my system only after about 5 minutes of taking a sip.  I imagine the high electrolyte content in the NAPALM helped keep my electrolytes in check the whole time.

Another thing I noticed during this three hour training ride was the need to readjust my training zones.  At the end of October, I tested my FTP at 338 watts (4.59 watts/kilogram).  I used that number for the training zones during the ride and felt that they were actually too easy, so I rode at the high end or just over of those zones.  This is a huge confidence booster for me.  I am once again reminded that my coach, Justin Trolle,  knows exactly what he’s doing, the boot camp sessions at Pure Fit are helping, and the lessened workload at U of L Hospital has been worth it.  And of course, thanks to Infinit for helping me with nutrition, which will make or break a good finish in 70.3 or 140.6 races.  I am starting to set my goals for Panama 70.3 and feel that I have a good shot of walking away with a paycheck from that race.

If you feel that this review was helpful and decide you want to try my custom formula, please contact me via email ( or my facebook page… and be sure to “like” it.  You can help me out in my endeavors simply by purchasing my custom formula or any other Infinit products.  Every time you purchase something with the link I can send you, I receive some Infinit Bucks.  Also, help me get over 200 likes on my facebook page by the end of the year!

 (EDIT on 12/31/12 – Here is the link for my custom formula:  )

Nutrition of NAPALM highly caffeinated:

Supplement Facts
Servings Per Container (35)
Amount Per Serving

Calories: 100
Calories from Fat: 0

Total Fat: 0g – 0% of daily value
Saturated Fat: 0g – 0%
Sodium: 242mg – 14%
Potassium: 70mg – 5%
Total Carbohydrate: 24 – 22%
Dietary Fiber: 0g – 0%
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 0g – 0%

Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene): 0 – 0%
Vitamin C: 0 – 0%
Vitamin E: 0 – 0%
Selenium: 0 – 0%
Calcium: 30 – 3%
Magnesium: 23 – 5%

NAPALM has about 75 mg of caffeine per 100 calorie serving.

Simply take a swig as you run with no need to make that ‘ucky’ face.  Plus, there is no need to figure out where to store that half eaten gooey wrapper. NAPALM is green and more eco-friendly. INFINIT Creator and President Michael Folan adds “It’s better, it’s cheaper and its greener. What’s not to like?”

So stop gagging and order a bag of NAPALM – Highly caffeinated today.