Ending sooner than later

Things don’t always go as planned.  But the way our lives go always has a purpose and reason to it.  My plans for getting one more race in before the end of the 2014 season ended 5 steps after crossing the finish line at Ironman Louisville.

My right leg seized up so bad, I couldn’t walk for 24 hours.  I was in a wheelchair until about noon the day after the race.  And I was in the worst pain of my life for about 36 hours.  I barely slept, I didn’t have an appetite, and almost had to use PTO time at work because I could barely walk on my own (safely) to make visits at patient’s homes, but I was determined to get one more race in before the end of the season.  I had made plans (but no plane ticket purchased yet) to go to Challenge Rancho Cordova for the 70.3 outside of Sacramento, CA.  In order to try to make the plan work, I visited Occupational Kinetics about 3 times a week for 3 weeks to get treatment and massages.  Every time I made a trip to them, I noticed an immediate improvement.  I can’t thank them enough for all the treatments they gave with the ultrasound and massage therapy, etc.  I know that I healed much faster with them.  The crew there is absolutely amazing.

I told myself that if I made a full improvement by this weekend, I would try to go out to CA and race.  However, I’m not quite there yet and have decided to throw in the towel a bit early this year.  But, oddly, I’m really okay with it.  I have a lot on my plate right now.  The biggest thing is getting the house I was living in before getting married that has since been rented out, ready to sell.  I know that I would have done what was needed to get it on the market by early October whether going to CA or not to race, but I would have been training and doing the house improvements half heartedly.  I hate doing things like that.  I’m either all in or not at all.  With the injury happening, I was able to find some really good deals on things like tile and granite counter tops at places that sell remnant peices… some of which had EXACTLY the correct amount of product for what I wanted to do… that just doesn’t happen by coincidence!  I hope by getting it on the market a little sooner will save us from paying a mortgage on an empty home. 

Also, I had promised to get my wife a dog after the season was over, so I surprised her by taking her to the Kentucky Humane Society last week and found  a great dog.  A puppy that behaves like an older dog… no chewing on everything in site, house trained after about 4 days, and really cute.  So getting a 3 month old like that is like one in a million… so I’m glad that we were blessed with that dog (he was in the human society for less than 8 hours when we got him).

I also have more time to spend with my loving and supporting wife and enjoy the nice fall like weather s (that started the week after IM Louisville – figures!). 

All these things have helped me realize that God let this happen for a reason… to shift my focus what is more important: family, promises, and work.

Thanks to everyone that supported me this season.  I made some huge improvements this year and can’t wait to get started up again when the timing is right for the 2015 season!