Progressive Endurance Athletes


Stephen Moors – Triathlete IM LOU

2015 was my first year with Mike and the experience was incredible. Mike understands the challenges of being young in the sport and balancing training with college. I made progress in all three disciplines and took nearly an hour off my Ironman time thanks to his training program. Mike is also prompt and helpful in response to any questions about training, gear, races, or anything else that comes to mind. I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any athlete who wants to improve their performance in triathlon.

Chris Shannon – Runner, Ultra-marathoner, and Triathlete 

“Every Sunday my new training plan get put up for me to see. Every week is different. I can tell that each workout is meant for me and my needs. He has introduced new training methods, tools and ideas to me which have dramatically increased my variety of workouts… He places a high importance on a solid coach-athlete relationship and always keeps the communication lines open.”




Lesley Kruzel – Duathlete, Triathlete, Runner 

“He provides a lot of feeback, he’s timely in posting workouts, and he is very responsive to my questions and gets back to me in a timely fashion.  Not to mention I have had a couple of PR races since I started with him also.”






Loren Townsend –  Triathlete

“Mike knows a good bit about physiology, nutrition, and mechanics of exercise, which I am very grateful for as a 60 year old athlete who could get hurt and discouraged easily.  My training plan is very challenging—at times I thought I might not survive the plan—but the results have been more than I expected.”




Walker Johnson – Triathlete


“It is evident the athe workouts provided by Mike are specific to my training needs.  I ahve noticed changes in my swim strength, my bike  endurance, and am running faster than I ever have.  To take it a step further, I PR’d on a first race of the season with Mike on a difficult half-iron distance course.  I am thankful for the time that Mike puts into planning each workout.  I’d have to say that the best thing about Mike is that he’s not just a coach, but a great person all around.  He is personable, consistent in posting workouts well in advance, and is a hard worker himself as professional athlete and registered nurse.  I am very thankful to be under the coaching of Mike through Progressive Endurance.”


Sonja Lenhardt – triathlete 

“I am very happy with Mike’s coaching.  He provides adequate feedback and the training sessions make sense to me.  If I have a question about a training session, he makes sure I understand it and do the training session as intended.”