413 Fitness

Blake Bramer is a strength and fitness coach who specializes in training endurance athletes to improve their movement mechanics for a strong performance when race day comes. Now the proud owner of 413 Fitness, a private-training facility in Southern Indiana, he works with a variety of clientele from athletes to general fitness couples in their 50s and 60s working to get rid of that nagging pain. Prior to becoming a small business owner, he was a personal trainer for several years in Cincinnati while he studied nursing at the University of Cincinnati. Realizing that he loved helping people in a different way, he did as most college students do and changed majors; however, this one was one that he was excited about and he graduated with a bachelors in Exercise and Fitness. But the piece of paper wasn’t enough and has since then traveled around the country to become a better athlete and coach by attending workshops and seminars to have a better understanding of the movement pattern throughout the human gait cycle and how it can be trained in the gym.
blake bremer - mug shot
Blake Bramer, BS, ACSM-CPT
Director of 413 Fitness