Mike wants to offer coaching to people at a very affordable price.  He knows that sports can become very expensive quite quickly.  Mike believes that everyone should be able to have the opportunities to reach their goals.  His coaching services start off at $125/month with a three month minimum commitment.  Prices go up from there depending on the services desired each month.


Single sport package:  Just want help with either running, swimming, or biking?  Let Progressive Endurance help you achieve your goals.  Individualized coaching plans starting at $125.  Contact Mike for more details.
Basic triathlon package: For athletes that just want a little bit of guidance.  Mike will use to post workouts.  The athlete will be responsible for uploading workouts from the GPS and heart rate monitor device so that Mike can analyze the data.  Athletes can call the him once a week to discuss training, ask questions, etc. Athlete communication is unlimited.  Feedback will be given when needed (i.e. – after test set, before/after race, etc.).  If athlete wants to discuss anything else, it is their responsibility to set up a time to talk.  Cost: $175/month
Silver triathlon package:  Everything listed in the basic triathlon package plus any one of the services listed below once a month (other than Gold Triathlon package).  Athlete must call to set up a time to meet with coach Mike, or can be done remotely by sending Mike the needed files (i.e. – video file).  Cost: $205/month (this gives you any of the the below services for $10 off the “ala cart” price).
Gold triathlon package: Everything listed above  in the silver triathlon package as well as working with Cortney Langdon, a registered Registered and Licensed Dietitian, to help you achieve your goals even faster by providing nutritional advice ranging from sweat rate analysis to daily meal planning and grocery lists for future meals.  Cost: $325/month.
Strength and conditioning coach – Blake Bramer with 413 Fitness is the official Progressive Endurance strength and conditioning coach.  Click here to learn more.

Swim stroke analysis and private lessons: Progressive Endurance offers swim stroke analysis using cameras and a software program to break down your stroke frame by frame.  By doing this, an athlete can see what needs improvement.  Drills will be taught to improve the swim stroke to make the athlete faster and more efficient in the water.  Cost – $50 for a 1 hour session.

Run gait analysis:  Running fast and avoiding injury can only happen with good running form.  Athletes will have their run form recorded and broken down frame by frame.  Athletes will be taught running drills and given exercise to improve form, efficiency, and prevent injury.  Cost – $40
Lactate Threshold and FTP testing – Using the step test protocol, athletes will be placed on either a treadmill (run LT for HR and/or pacing zones)  or computrainer (bike FTP with power meter or bike LT with HR monitor).  Athletes are encouraged to test this about once every 6-8 weeks to make sure their training zones are up to date.  Cost – $50 for either bike or run test, $90 for both or testing the same one twice 6-8 weeks later.  Tests don’t need to be completed on the same day.  Just paying for both at the same time will get you the discount, but must be used again within 8 weeks of the first test.
If you have something else in mind that is not listed above, don’t hesitate to ask.
Triathlon contact information: or call/text 502 649 5003.
MTB COACHING – Chris Shannon manages the MTB coaching side of Progressive Endurance.  He has several impressive results ranging from short track events, stage racing, NUE events, and 12 hour MTB events.  Chris has a wealth of knowledge of the tricks to ride your MTB smoothly over rough terrain and get you to the finish line faster.
 MTB contact information: Chris Shannon – or call/text 502 299 3797

Stock or custom formulas for you specific nutritional needs during your athletic events.

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