Challenge Williamsburg 2015 Race Report Video

Last weekend, I completed the Challenge Williamsburg (formally REV3 Williamsburg). It was a scorcher.  Temps were in the 90’s and the “real feel” was 100+ degrees.  I recovered from a flat tire on the bike and still managed to pull off the 2nd fastest run of the day.  I averaged 320 watts on the bike, which is my 70.3 best power.  The run was 1/2 on trails and 1/2 in the scorching sun.  I love running on trails.  The sound of the dirt and small rocks under my feet with each step is like music to me. I concentrated on that and disengage my mind from the heat and humidity.  I also made sure to walk the aid stations (no shame in my game). I grabbed as much water as possible (usually about 4 cups worth) and ice (usually 2 cups worth) and stuff it down my jersey and hold some in my hand to get a good cooling effect.  Aside from some coke on the run course, I was able to get all my calories from Infinit nutrition.  Although I didn’t place in the top 5 like I was hoping to, I think there were a lot of positives from this race.  Be sure to watch the video below for a race recap and sign up for a Challenge Family race (CHALLENGEMIKE to save $10)!

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