Full Circle – Enve Wheels reviews

Another season is wrapping up for me, and it’s another completed on some Enve Wheels.  I have two sets of Enve wheels.  I train on 3.9 clinchers and race on the 8.9 tubulars.  Enve has received some great reviews and awards from several places. One, from last year, is the best in class award from Triathlete Magazine for their wheels.  More recently, Enve became the official wheel of Ironman and received an award for their carbon wheel hubs from Eurobike.  My experience with these wheels have been nothing short of amazing in the last couple years.

The wheels are durable:

This year, I took a spill on my bike with my 3.9’s.  The wheels came out unscathed.  Not even the least bit out of true.  I also hit some major holes/cracks in the road with the 3.9’s and 8.9’s while training and race.  Again, these wheels took the beating and stayed true.

Fast is best:

Everyone is looking for ways to save some time on the bike.  These wheels have helped me ride considerable faster bike splits than I was prior to using the wheels.  This year I was able to have the fastest bike split at the Toughman national championship.  The 3.9’s are also a great wheels for those of you more into the road biking scene.  I do a lot of riding with some of the local cyclists in Louisville.  Many of these guys are Cat 1, Cat 2, or former professional cyclists.  My 3.9’s handle the hills, the corners, the accelerations, and are responsive enough to help me put the hurt on the other cyclists in the group.

Enve makes several other products that are also noteworthy such as: forks, road bars, socks (partnered with another sponsor, Swiftwick), bottle cages, etc.  All of Enve products have created a large amount of chatter about them when Enve debuted them.  Enve is serious about creating the best performing products on the market.  Enve provides a full circle of products to make any bike fast and appealing to the eye.

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Most recently, Enve also became the the official wheel of Ironman World Championships. ENVE wheels helped post the fastest bike split in Kona in 2015.