toughman Indiana

With all that changes happening in the sport of triathlon for the professionals, I was forced into changing my proposed race schedule for the remainder of the 2015 season.  I had heard of the Toughman series, so I decided to check them out… and I’m glad I did.  It was refreshing to go to a race that wasn’t so commercialized at Ironman, but still very well run.  The nice thing about Toughman series is that you have the chance to qualify for a bigger event in September, their Toughman National Championship.  I registered for the Toughman Indiana with hopes of qualifying for the national championship, and managed to pull off a win.  Here is a quick recap in pictures (all pictures thanks to the Toughman Indiana and America Multisport)

prep 1

Carefully putting on my Blueseventy Wetsuit – MAVMIKE saves 20%

swim entry 2

The water got deeper faster than I realized and I did a very ungraceful entry into the water

t1 1

Exiting T1 with Argon Bike in hand and Catlike Helmet for safety.  Loving the Sugoi tri kit

bike 2

There were several turns on this 56 mile bike ride… 41 90-degree turns and one 180-degree turn.

No pictures from the run… but it was a beautiful course through parks, running/biking trails, neighborhoods, and some city roads.  Lots of hills… over 1000 ft of climbing during the the 13.1 miles!


On the podium in 1st and got a spot at the National Championship.  I’ve got a hard course to tackle in September.  The bike course in New York has over 3400 feet of climbing!

After the race, I was talking to the CEO of Toughman that came all the way down from NY to observe the race.  He was telling me some great news about what they are going to try to do in the future.  Adding more races both in and outside of the USA and growing their brand (currently they are the 2nd biggest race company in the USA) and still have a national championship for people to qualify for in the future.  I’m excited to see what this could do for the sport! Be sure to check out their races in the future.  It was a well run race.