Energy Bits

As an elite athlete, I’m always looking for things that will facilitate recovery, help me perform better, and be faster.  About a month ago, I stumbled upon a company called Energy Bits.  This company makes, markets, and sells algae tabs as food.  When I first discovered them, I’ll admit to being a bit weirded out.  But after doing a little bit of reading about algae on their website and several independent websites that published the benefits of algae, I realized I would be stupid not to start incorporating algae into my daily routine.

Over the last month, I have taken them like pills, chewed them, or put them in some of my homemade yogurt based smoothies with fruits and vegetables.  I really like the taste that it adds to the smoothie as it mixes in with the other ingredients.  Immediately, I noticed several things:

1.  Shorter recovery time – The weekend I did a sprint, two Olympics and a 70.3 triathlon in 3 days (an epic event call the American Triple T), I took a serving of the algae tabs after every race.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I noticed I had more energy than I expected to have (and also in comparison to how I felt when I did this race before).  I had energy to race and race well on Sunday during the 70.3 race.  This is mostly due to two things about Energy Bits: highest concentration of antioxidants (gram for gram), and 65% of the calories are protein in amino acid form.  When protein is already an amino acid, it absorbs faster and the body can get 99% of the amino acid.  Translation… your muscles get the amino acids it needs much faster than ingesting animal protein.  Antioxidants also reduce inflammation and help in the recovery process.

2. Hunger satisfied longer – when I usually make smoothies with fruits and veggies in them, I get hungry really quickly afterwards.  However, after adding 1-2 servings of Energy Bits (30-60 calories), I was more satisfied for much longer.  This is probably due to the high concentration of nutrients in the algae.  When the body has all the nutrients it needs, it doesn’t trigger hunger.  Thus making it easier to stay lean and still perform well.   See image below for some nutritional information. Algae has 40 nutrients in it.  NASA has also found just 1 kilogram of algae to have the nutritional equivalent of 1000 kg of fruits and vegetables:

Algae has several other benefits, such as the ability to improve blood flow with the nitric oxide that is naturally found it in.  This means that blood can more efficiently care nutrients/oxygen to places and carry waste away.

These algae tabs are food, not supplements.  So that means all the nutrients can be absorbed.  When taking a supplement or multivitamin, most of the nutrients are in one form.  Many vitamins, such as vitamin C, are found in several different forms in nature.  But when put in a pill it is almost always found as ascorbic acid… and the body can’t absorb all of it when it’s concentrated in one amount like that.

Energy Bits algae tabs are 100% organic, 100% GMO-free, gluten-free, and WADA compliant.

Go to www.energybits.com and find out more.  When ordering save 20% when using code “MIKE502BITS”