Rotor Qrings Review

I have been cycling with power since the fall of 2011.  Power meters are a great tool for any cyclist (as long as you or your coach knows how to interpret the numbers and apply them to your training).  It keeps you honest by giving you data to know the difference between feeling like quitting because you feel like your struggling, but instead to keep pushing through it when the numbers are still within the goal  Power meters also let you know when to quit.  If RPE is sky high, but watts and HR is low, then you’re body is depleted and you’re better off bagging the remainder of the workout.

I had been riding with SRAM Quarq power meter from 2011-2013.  My training was revolutionized when I started training and racing with power.  I was able to pace myself better in races (especially 70.3 and 140.6 distances).  However, this year I made the switch to the Rotor Q-rings.  After one ride on with the Q-rings, I was a believer in all their claims they made on their website.  Here is what I’ve noticed in the first few rides on the rings:

1.  20-25 watts higher at the same RPE – During my hard intervals that I’ve done on the trainer, I noticed that my RPE that used to produce about 300-310 watts (slightly over HIM pace) is now about 320-330 watts.  I am confident that I should be able to hold 310 watts now on a HIM race, which is about 20-25 watts higher than last year.  This, according to some on-line calculators, translates into about 4 minutes faster for for a 56 mile ride.  For an IM race, assuming the watts are consistently 20-25 watts higher, that is a little more than 8 minutes faster for 112 miles.

2.  The cranks are more beneficial at higher power outputs – While riding in Z2 and Z3 yesterday, I could see some difference in the amount of power being produced from my level of exertion.  But this morning when I was riding at threshold, I could see a much bigger increase in the power in comparison to the SRAM Quarq I had used the last 2.5 seasons.  It is consistent with their findings on the website.

3.  Although my watts are higher, my recovery time is the same or less – One would think that if the watts are higher, more lactate is produced by the body.  However, Rotor broke that rule.  Studies show that Q-rings help riders produce more power and produce less lactate.

I’m sure that as time goes on, my body will become more adapted to the elliptical chain rings and produce even more power as the season progresses.  And the data on their website agrees with that assumption.

I’m super excited about what this season could hold for me with the improved power on the Argon E-118 bike, the Rotor Cranks, and the Enve wheels.  Couple that with my swim times being about 5 seconds faster per 100 meters than the end of last season (thank you Lakeside Seahawks), and I should finally break that 4 hour mark.

Thanks again to VO2 Multisport for building the bike fore me… couldn’t be happier with it.

Rotor Bikes – Q Rings a Road Cycling video by Rotor


Maverick Winter Camp

This past weekend the elite group of athletes that together make up the Maverick Multisport all came into Louisville, where the team is based out of, to meet some of the sponsors, gather up some of our equipment, and officially meet each other.  Unfortunately, one of the females on the team, Amber Ferreira, got stranded in New Hampshire due to weather and will make the trip later this month.  The rest of the team made it to Louisville at some point on either Thursday or Friday.  I was able to host Clay Emge and his fiance, Kimberly, for the weekend.  The rest of the team stayed outside of town at the team manager, Chris Hutchens, house.

The weekend ran a tight schedule.  We had a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it.  But, we figured out how to cram all this into one weekend with a little bit of planning and multitasking (both of which are key to being a busy athlete with a real job).  Morning started with a group swim with one of our partners, The Lakeside Seahawks.  They let us swim with them whenever we are in town and able to make practice.  We had to leave early to make it to the team shop, VO2 Multisport to start getting fit on new Argon E-118 bikes.  Peter Reid, one of the fit guru’s at VO2 sacrificed his whole morning and afternoon to get us set up on our bikes.  He got everyone dialed in on their new rides equipped with SRAM components, Rotor Cranks with Q-rings, Cobb Saddles, and Enve wheels.  These bikes are going to be blazing fast this year!

Thanks to Peter Reid and VO2 Multisport, our Argon E-118 bikes are ready to roll!

Clay Emge gets fit by Peter Reid.

While all that was going on, companies like Primal Sports Mud, Infinit Nutrition,  and TYR all talked to us about how to best use their product.  Infinit is revamping their website and wanted to get some videos of us answering some basic questions about our start in the sport, our diets, race day nutrition, etc.

The Crew from Infinit came in from Cincinnati to talk to us about their product and why they are so awesome!

Jeff with Primal Sports mud explained why his product can help with our recovery.

Mike, from TYR, talked to us about the wetsuits and speed suits we will be using this year.

Molly Rhoohi being interviewed by Mike, the CEO of Infinit Nutrition.

Q’doba, another one of our partners, donated some food to us for lunch.  We had several hungry people there, and they even supplied enough for athletes’ significant others to drop by and grab some lunch too.

A gathering like this wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of a photo shoot.  Matt and Pat Photography took photos of us in our new kits printed by Champion System.  We also models other clothing, such as Swiftwick socks, 110% Play Hard compression, Smith Optics, and our TYR wetsuits and swim skins.  After that was over we made the trek out to the country to find a horse farm to get some outdoor photos taken for the website.  After all, you can’t visit Kentucky and not see a horse.  It was cold outside, but the team managed to strip down to our race kits and pose with our bikes all built up with some horses in the background.


We had about an hour of down time before we went to our team’s Chiropractor, massage, and sport rehab facility called Occupational Kinetics. They had a meet-and-greet with some snacks for anyone that wanted to show up.  I am excited to get into their facility again this year and work with Dr. Bee, Mike Rowles, and Erin this year to keep me injury free and on top of my game.

And if Mexican for lunch wasn’t enough, we went to a local Mexican joint in Crestwood for dinner.  Who doesn’t like Mexican food??

I know I had a great time meeting my teammates Molly Rhoohi, Clay Emge, and Matt Hanson.  Amber will be coming in town in a couple weeks to get her bike, and I’ll have a chance to meet her then too.

Maverick Multisport is going to have a great 2014, thanks to all our sponsors!  We are all blessed to have you on board.