Pure fit – Increase your functional strength

I’ve been going to Pure Fit for just over a year now.   Pure Fit is a boot camp style gym that focuses on building lean muscle, decreasing body fat percentage, and increasing/improving functional strength.  One of the key things they focus on during the classes is doing two or more movements within each exercise to create muscle confusion, increase coordination, and see results faster.  The other thing I like about going to these boot camp sessions is that I never know what I’m going to be doing.  It’s very different all the time.  I don’t need to plan anything… just showing up is the key and doing the work.

Here are some of the things that I’ve noticed since starting to go to Pure Fit in November of 2012:

1.  My swim times starting getting faster.  – I think some of this had to do with increasing my upper body strength.  But I think the majority of it came from improving my core strength.  Swimming is probably about 70% technique and 30% aerobic fitness.  With a stronger core, I’m able to maintain a better body position in the water and get a better “grip” (or catch) on the water and move myself through the water more efficiently.

2.  No more back pain.  –  By the time that heavy Ironman training would roll around every year prior to Pure Fit, my lower back would be really tight from riding in the areobars all the time and frequent running.  This year, none of that happened.  Again, I believe that it was all the functional strength exercises that helped improve my posture and core strength.  I could ride bent over in the areobars much easier, longer, and with no pain afterwards.

3.  No more nagging injuries. – This one coincides a little with the back pain, but I believe that since I started going to Pure Fit, my risk for injury has significantly decreased.  My smaller, accessory muscles are stronger and help with stability.  So when that time comes when I could have rolled my ankle, tripped and fell, or needed a quick reaction on the bike to keep the rubber on the road, I 100% believe that Pure Fit helped with that.


So, many of us are in the off season now and maybe just starting to pick up the aerobic training again.  For those of you in the Louisville area, I would highly recommend getting started in a strength conditioning program to help you achieve the goals for the 2014 season.  I saw dramatic improvement from my 2012 season to the 2013 season.

Pure Fit will also do “challenges” from time to time that you can sign up for.  I believe most of them last for about 8 weeks.  During this challenge they give you a certain metric (say, body fat for example) to measure and compare from the beginning to the end of the workout.  They will take time with you to help you figure out the nutrition aspect of reaching those goals too.

A typical schedule for boot camps are listed here.

Come check out Pure Fit at any of those time time listed in the link.  I can guarantee two things:  It will be tough, but fun.  And, you will see results!