occupational kinetics foot scan and video analysis

Yesterday I made my second visit to Occupational Kinetics for another adjustment by Dr. Bee along with some video analysis of me doing various exercises and running on a treadmill.  Before we started with that, I met with Erin, their massage therapists, for about 30 minutes.

Erin went to school in CT for massage therapy and moved back to her home state of KY afterwards.  She is a small woman, but she focuses every ounce of weight and strength right into her finger tips and does some amazing work.  She worked on my back, as that what tends to get tight on me after long training sessions.  There was a few times that I felt like jumping off the table because of the pain that she was causing by working out some of the knots in my back.  The muscles slowly relaxed and when that happened, the discomfort also lifted.  I’m looking forward to working more with Erin in the future to keep injuries at bay and keeping me in peak form.

Next was some more ART with Dr. Bee and another alignment.  He and I both agreed that my back muscles were better and there wasn’t as much stiffness in my back.  I knew my back was tight a few days ago before I met with him, but I just didn’t realize how tight it was.  I really noticed a difference when riding my bike to work Wednesday and again today for a long endurance ride of about 4 hours.  The lower back discomfort that I’ve had in the past was gone completely.

Next was onto the fun stuff.  Mike Rowles had me do a couple exercises to see if I had a problem with either muscle strength in my hips or if I had a problem with my feet causing me to pronate.  We did some single leg exercises:

As you can see my left leg/knee came in to compensate for either a muscular issue or a pronation issue.  My right leg did the same thing.  So how do you pinpoint the problem.  Simple!  All you need is a some state of the art foot scan machine that can show you weight distribution on each foot.  So we went to the room with the foot scanning machine.  I took my shoes off and Mike Rowles and Dr. Bee took a look at my achilles to see if there was an issue with them.  Nothing was found… apparently my achilles tendons are attached right where they should be and don’t need anything to help correct a potential problem.  So I stepped onto the foot scan machine.  These were my results:

The left images are my feet, and the right images are “text book” images.  As you can see, they are very similar.  From this Dr. Bee and Mike Rowles concluded that I don’t have a need for any shoe inserts to correct pronation.  So the problem with the knee/leg coming in on my single leg squats was due to a muscular weakness in the hips.  They gave me some exercises to help correct this problem.  So hopefully in time, the problem can be corrected.

We also did some squats while holding a bar above my head:

Ideally, my chest would be more upright and not be leaning so far forward.  This suggests that I have some thoracic weaknesses.  Again, Mike Rowles gave some exercises to help correct this.

I am completely amazed with the help that I’ve received in just two visits from Occupational Kinetics.  It’s been great to have some other people help me hone in some weaknesses that I have that should help me maintain good form (and speed) over the course of a long race and training session, helping me keep injury at bay, and get stronger.