Occupational Kinetics Initial Evaluation

Today I made my first of many visits to a company called Occupational Kinetics.  They specialize in several different things to help people keep injuries away, or heal more quickly.  Dr. Bee owns the business, and a fellow Louisville Landshark Mike Rowles is one of the therapists there.  They also have several other employees there that do everything from ART therapy, ASTYM, massages, nutrition, kinesio taping, and various other things.  The cool thing about Occupational Kinetics being able to offer all these different treatments is due to their diversity of the staff.  During my visit today, I spent about 20 minutes with Dr. Bee and about 30 minutes with Mike Rowles.

Dr. Bee went through a list of questions to gather some health history and find out if anything was bothering me.  Every now and then I get some low back pain and a knot in my lumbar area just right of the spine.  Usually after a day or two of a good nights rest, they disappear.  He worked on my back a little using ART therapy trying to get the muscles in my lower back to relax.  After that, he had me lay on my right side and then readjusted my back in one quick motion.  There was a fair amount of cracking sound that came from that. He reassured me before he did anything that there was no risk in messing up my spine from doing this.  I then went to my left side and he did the same thing.  After just a few minutes of treatment with him, my back felt much more relaxed.

Dr. Bee then met with me and Mike Rowles and discussed what he found.  Apparently there are some muscles in my lower back that are meant to stabilize the back.  However, when the larger muscles in my back start getting tired from training, the smaller muscles start firing to help me get through the training session.  Since these muscles aren’t supposed to be doing that, they get really tight after they get some time to relax.  Both Dr. Bee and Mike Rowles were great in explaining it to me so I could understand.

My session with Mike started with checking my leg length.  My right leg was just slightly shorter due to some pelvic tilt.  He readjusted my pelvis by pulling on my legs.  Next we did some exercises to strengthen my back muscles in my lower spine to prevent them getting tight in the future.  He told me to do that three times per week and do 3 sets of 10.  I did three sets of ten and could really notice how weak my lower back muscles were.  We wrapped things up with some additional stretches to do everyday to help keep my pelvis from tilting and help prevent the QI muscle (can’t remember what that stands for, but it runs from the back of the pelvis up to the middle of the back) from getting tight and causing back pain.

I’m going back later this week for some more treatment.  Including a run gait analysis.  They video tape the athlete while running and can look at various angles of the legs, back, arms, and foot strike with a frame-by-frame analysis.  By doing this, they can see what may be causing back pain after several miles on the road and also help improve efficiency by giving me some exercises and drills to do while running.  I’m really excited about this.  After that, I will meet with Erin, their massage therapist, for a 30 minute massage and then see Dr. Bee for another session.  I hope to put the run video and few pictures from the next visit.  I didn’t bring my camera this time since I wanted permission to do so first.