Brooks Airbrush Studio and Mike Hermanson’s Scott Plasma Premium

When I first moved to Louisville, I lived in an apartment complex that I strategically chose because of the proximity to the interstate, a few different easy ways to get out of city by bike, and across the street from the gym and grocery store.  Before I started my real job as a nurse at University of Louisville Hospital, I had about a month to kill after moving here.  I did a fair amount of exploring, and quickly noticed a triathlon bike locked to a bike rack at the other end of the parking lot of the apartment complex I lived in.  Long story short, the person that owned that bike was Kevin Brooks.  We got to know each other after taking a long road trip to Kansas 70.3 and have been friends since.  Fast forward about 2 years and Kevin started his own custom helmet and bike painting business called Brooks Airbrush Studio. 

Last year he accented my bike with green to match my kit and also painted my helmet for the team that I raced for.  Even though it was just an accent job, his detail that added to my bike turned a lot of head.  Everywhere I went, from Costa Rica to Portland and even my hometown of Louisville,  people noticed this bike was something different.

Well, I think this year should be no different.  Kevin painted my Scott Plasma Premium, this time fully-custom.  However, the really cool thing about it, is that you can still see the stock logos and shades of the original black, grey, and white .  He also marblized portions of it.  I can continue to say how awesome it is and try to explain it, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I let them speak for themselves:

I will make another post when Cycle Smiths builds the bike and when Kevin get the wheels painted as well.