Take a Stand

There’s been a lot of buzz in the air in the sport of triathlon recently for a couple of reasons:

1. Equality in the sport for women

2. How much do pros matter

Let’s start with the issue that probably isn’t as big of a deal to most people (so I won’t spend a lot of time on it), but hits close to home for me – how much do pros matter.  Last year, Ironman announced they would be cutting how many races would have money at them.  One of them was Ironman Louisville… which is my hometown.  After the race, I started the #keepourpros initiative to try to make a stand and make the voice of people heard that wanted to have pros at the Ironman races that lost their prize money.  I specifically remember people telling me that they wouldn’t do a WTC race (such as Ironman Louisville) without pros at it.  However, some of those people have signed up for those races.

Quickly moving on to the more pressing issue, EQUALITY.  A quick recap of what has been the issue here.  The world championship in Kona has very limited space on the peir.  The pro men get 50 of those spots, and women only get 35.   Last time I checked, 35 is a lot less than 50!  This makes it a lot harder for women to get to Kona.  I recently read the blog on Ameber Ferreira’s website (a former Maverick Multisport athlete).  It is a great case study on how this effects even some of the best women in the sport… especially the up and coming athletes.  Ironically, Ironman recently announced 3 additional spots on the pier for women.  However, those 3 spots didn’t go the professional women.  The three spots have been allocated for the WTC Women for Tri Board.  Spots that I would assume are being paid for by those three females.

I know that not everyone will agree that pros are important… but I know that people will agree that equality is important.  If you are concerned both or one of these issues, then you need to do two things.  First of all, sign up for different events.  Whether it is a local race, Challenge Family, HITS triathlon… whatever it is, support the companies that support equality and support pros.  If you say you don’t agree with what Ironman is doing, but still sign up for their races you are basically casting a vote of approval.  As long as Ironman has money coming in, they won’t change anything.  Consider if a politician said he/she was against guns, but decided to do a 5K run that all the proceeds went to the NRA. The press would be all over that and having a hay day with it.  It’s basically the same thing that pros and age groupers are doing still doing Ironman races but don’t agree with one or both of these important issues.

Secondly, if you want to sign a petition for 50 Women to Kona click here and let Andrew Messick see your name!

Will pros take a hit for a year or two if we do this?  Yes! But if you want to see change a sacrifice is needed.  For myself, I won’t be racing Ironman races for the rest of the year and have no plans of racing with them in the future.

Screenshot (26)

Tuesday Night Worlds – Shawnee Park

Another great group ride with some strong cyclist in Louisville.  This time we went to Shawnee Park and did a criterium style group ride.  We did 6 laps (about 10 miles total) twice.  The effort was super hard.  The second session we did, I average 355 watts! There were several surges well over that.  Check out the video below:

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BSX Insight Bike test – 3

I just completed my third BSX Insight bike test.  Each one has shown marked improvement.  Watch the video below to see a few shots of the test and the results.

With this new FTP, I currently am able to push 4.84 watts/kg! Thanks BSX for the valuable data, and thanks to Brian Grasky for using this data in your coaching! Looking forward to the second half of the season!


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Challenge Williamsburg 2015 Race Report Video

Last weekend, I completed the Challenge Williamsburg (formally REV3 Williamsburg). It was a scorcher.  Temps were in the 90’s and the “real feel” was 100+ degrees.  I recovered from a flat tire on the bike and still managed to pull off the 2nd fastest run of the day.  I averaged 320 watts on the bike, which is my 70.3 best power.  The run was 1/2 on trails and 1/2 in the scorching sun.  I love running on trails.  The sound of the dirt and small rocks under my feet with each step is like music to me. I concentrated on that and disengage my mind from the heat and humidity.  I also made sure to walk the aid stations (no shame in my game). I grabbed as much water as possible (usually about 4 cups worth) and ice (usually 2 cups worth) and stuff it down my jersey and hold some in my hand to get a good cooling effect.  Aside from some coke on the run course, I was able to get all my calories from Infinit nutrition.  Although I didn’t place in the top 5 like I was hoping to, I think there were a lot of positives from this race.  Be sure to watch the video below for a race recap and sign up for a Challenge Family race (CHALLENGEMIKE to save $10)!

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Tuesday Night Worlds

You gotta love a hard group ride.  And they don’t get much harder than riding with some Cat 1 cyclists and some former professional cyclists that live in Louisville, KY.  Once it warms up in the spring, a weekly evening ride on Tuesdays is one of my favorite training sessions.  The cyclists here like to call it Tuesday Night Worlds. Hang on to your helmets and see a little bit of it for yourself from my perspective aboard my Argon 18 bike.


BSX Insight run test

This video shows me doing the run test on the BSX Insight and how it works.  It is super simple, blood free, and can be done anywhere there is a treadmill.  This device is incredibly useful for any biker, runner, or triathlete that wants to get faster. Use coupon code MAVMIKE to save $40 on the BSX Insight Multisport Unit! #StopthePricks


toughman Indiana

With all that changes happening in the sport of triathlon for the professionals, I was forced into changing my proposed race schedule for the remainder of the 2015 season.  I had heard of the Toughman series, so I decided to check them out… and I’m glad I did.  It was refreshing to go to a race that wasn’t so commercialized at Ironman, but still very well run.  The nice thing about Toughman series is that you have the chance to qualify for a bigger event in September, their Toughman National Championship.  I registered for the Toughman Indiana with hopes of qualifying for the national championship, and managed to pull off a win.  Here is a quick recap in pictures (all pictures thanks to the Toughman Indiana and America Multisport)

prep 1

Carefully putting on my Blueseventy Wetsuit – MAVMIKE saves 20%

swim entry 2

The water got deeper faster than I realized and I did a very ungraceful entry into the water

t1 1

Exiting T1 with Argon Bike in hand and Catlike Helmet for safety.  Loving the Sugoi tri kit

bike 2

There were several turns on this 56 mile bike ride… 41 90-degree turns and one 180-degree turn.

No pictures from the run… but it was a beautiful course through parks, running/biking trails, neighborhoods, and some city roads.  Lots of hills… over 1000 ft of climbing during the the 13.1 miles!


On the podium in 1st and got a spot at the National Championship.  I’ve got a hard course to tackle in September.  The bike course in New York has over 3400 feet of climbing!

After the race, I was talking to the CEO of Toughman that came all the way down from NY to observe the race.  He was telling me some great news about what they are going to try to do in the future.  Adding more races both in and outside of the USA and growing their brand (currently they are the 2nd biggest race company in the USA) and still have a national championship for people to qualify for in the future.  I’m excited to see what this could do for the sport! Be sure to check out their races in the future.  It was a well run race.



reflecting on 70.3 NOLA

Every race has lessons to learn from it.  Some have more than others… those tend to be ones that go horribly wrong that have more obvious lessons to learn.  However, even on races that go well I think that if one reflects on the race long enough, areas for improvement can be found… even if you won that race.

I obviously didn’t win 70.3 NOLA last weekend, but I felt like I had a great race. Squeezing in a top 10 finish with some big names on the start line such as Andy Potts, Matt Charbot, Eric Limkemann, Ben Hoffman, and Trevor Wuertel to name a few.  I had a short conversation with my coach after the race, thanking him for this help and expressing my satisfaction with the race.  He told me to think about the race and get back to him with 3 areas that went well, 3 areas for improvement, and if anything in the race made a light bulb turn on.  Here is what I came up with:


1.  Nutrition – I felt my nutrition, hydration, and electrolyte replacement was spot on.  I never felt weak.  At times I felt like I was loosing steam, but would know to take a shot of NAPALM (on the bike) or some coke (on the run).  With the exception of 1 gel on the bike course and a few shots of Coke on the run course, all my nutrition came from Infinit Nutrition. I absolutely love their product. I have never had any GI issues with their product and it works. Every time!use coupon code MAVERICK at checkout to save 10% on Infinit products.
2.  Bike pacing – I felt my pacing was pretty even.  It wasn’t until about mile 40 when Chris McDonald caught back up to me (I rode solo the entire ride prior to that) that I was able to work with anyone. At that point the wind was so strong, evn sitting 12 meters back was a big difference in power. I would guess 50-60 watts difference.  That’s why my average the last 45 minutes or so was much less. – I love my Rotor power meter and Q-rings.  Pacing is so important in longer races and a power meter makes it much easier to gauge my effort.
3. Run – I felt strong and smooth the entire run.  My attitude was 100% positive the entire race.  I did feel like I had another gear from a breathing/heart rate standpoint, but when I tried to kick it into gear around mile 3 (a huge hill/bridge at the beginning of mile 2 took me a mile or so to find a rhythm after that) i just didn’t have the snap in my legs to get the pace to quicken.  Other than that, the run was great.  I passed 6 or so people with authority.  So fast they didn’t even try to match my pace.
Things that I could improve on:
1. Swim – I’ll try to make this brief.  The water was warmer than what the “official race temperature” was.  I swam in my full-sleeve wetsuit in the same water temp on friday and was burning up.  Even swimming easy I felt like I was going to over heat.  On Saturday, I used my swim skin and was very comfortable in the water.  I decided to use the swimskin on race day knowing from previous experience if I over heat in the swim my bike leg often is embarrassingly slow.  At the start of swim, I got caught in the mix with some of the slower swimmers. I was right in the middle and couldn’t get out to catch the guys I know I can get out of the water with that ended up being about 1:45 ahead.  That group consisted of Trevor Wuertel, AJ Baucco, and Ben Hoffman. I was out with Hoffman and Wuertel last year in this race, out with AJ in San Juan.  Maybe part of the reason was they were using wetsuits??  Not sure.  But one the athletes I coach sent me an email with a good idea on what to do next time the water may be too warm for me to use a wetsuit, but still wetsuit legal – wear my Blueseventy Core shorts over the swim skin.  They give you middle body/hip bouncy but without covering my whole body and cooking myself before the race starts.  I think I will do this in the future. – Use code MAVMIKE to save 20% on your next Blueseventy order.
2. Run – as mentioned in the “the things that went well” I felt like I had another gear on the run from a cardiovascular standpoint, but didn’t have the snap in my legs on that day to knock down the pace an extra 10-15 seconds per mile.
3. I really can’t think of a third thing that could have been improved on for the race.  I really think it boiled down to the swim.  If I were able to get out with the pack I know I can swim with (Weurtel, Hoffman, and Baucco), I would have had the advantage of a group to pace with the entire bike leg (or at least more of the bike leg).  I spoke with Eric Limkemann after the race and his wattages were similar to mine, but since he was in a group he was moving faster.  So if I did manage to get a group for the bike leg, I’m still not 100% certain I would have been able to out run Hoffman and the 6th place guy to claim the final position getting paid, but would have definitely been at least 7th.
Light bulb of the race – suggestion to use the core shorts.  I think that is a great solution to me just getting hot in wetsuits really easily.
I also received a really cool/nice message from Alex Bok (manager of TBB back in the day). I met him at the Maverick Multisport Pre-season camp in January this year: